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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Knitting Pattern Sale: Annual discount 2020

The annual knitting pattern discount that I always throw to self celebrate my birthday is on!

Please enjoy 20% discount for every knitting pattern purchase you made on my Ravelry and Etsy until August 20th, 2020.

Keep Happy and Healthy my knitter friends!
I heart you all

Happy Knitting!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Friday, August 14, 2020

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern: Easy Fluffy Lamb Baby Hat

Got a small amount of unusual textured yarn and don't know what to do with it? Maybe this pattern will give you an answer.

An easy baby hat free knitting pattern that will be very suitable if you knit non-regular texture yarn. 
This will be perfect if you use light color. But I just only have this color in my stash.

Free Knitting Pattern: Lamb, Bam! Thank You, Ma'am.
By Kate Wuerschmidt
I made using: Gosyo Simple Knit Marshmallow like
needle: 6.5 mm (US 10.5)

Happy Knitting!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Friday, August 7, 2020

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern: Dino Hat for your Cat

I actually already knit this pattern back in 2016, a very easy and cute pattern that also brings you joy! If your cat willing to entertain you by wearing it. (too bad, I'm not that lucky. I had to ask my partner to distract her so I can successfully snap a clear photo)

But really, this free knitting pattern is worth to knit!

Free Knitting Pattern: Dinosaur
by Sara Thomas
from book: Cats in Hats
I made using: SA Poyeng Yarn
in needle: 3.5 mm (US 4) and 4.5 mm (US 7)

Happy Knitting, miawww!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Friday, May 1, 2020

A talk: Everyday Face Mask Knitting Pattern and Covid

It's in the afternoon of March 17th, I surprised when I casually strolling into my Ravelry inbox and found some notifications of comments that all leave in the same knitting pattern: Everyday Face Mask.

Yes, I know, that time, Covid19 starts to rise and making many people anxious, and some of us even doing something that so unnecessary (like hoarding items we usually don't care before, that makes the people that actually need it now have difficulty to get it). Surgical masks that before Covid almost taken-for-granted item, now became a rare one and people start to search for a substitution mask.

Back to the comments that I found on the page. apparently, some people felt that my mask pattern will do harm to them, or maybe they try to prevent people do harm to themselves if they make this mask pattern. But what makes me sad was they decided to leave blunt comments that quite sound rude if the words being voiced.

The accusations made me want to explain about the pattern itself. Because really, this pattern does not have any connection with Covid19. It published years ago and even created more years back. I first made it for my husband in 2010 as first anniversary gift.

So I decided to write a disclaimer related to the pattern on the March,18th, that everyone can read when they visiting the page on Ravelry or Etsy.

I release this pattern back in 2017. The background of it was from my personal need. I am riding a motorcycle on a daily basis. I always need a mask to cover me from road dust and heat on the roads (also seek warm from the night wind). Sometimes I also want to cover my face when I have to go to public spaces (like a mall or social events). And since I am not sick, I feel that using a disposable surgical mask kind of a waste (I prefer to use them when I truly sick, because that’s the true function of the mask and it only can be used once). I also have a tendency to always touch my nose, so this mask really a big help for me to prevent me touch my own face. I frequently wash my knitted mask with my other clothes in the washing machine too to keep it always clean and fresh.

So, this mask is more to cover your face from dust, sun, cold weather or to cover your face without any particular medical reason. Like a knitting scarf, balaclava, or cowl.

About corona prevention:
in where I live now, I also one of the people that not fortunate enough to get a standard mask supply. So if you are fortunate to get hold of them, please only use them when you really need them since they are rare items now. Like I read on WHO site: the most effective way to protect yourself against Covid-19 is: frequently clean your hands, cover your cough with the bend of elbow or tissue, and maintain a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from people who are coughing or sneezing.

I now bring hand sanitizer everywhere (this also became a rare item in my place), and always wash my hand with water and soap after doing almost anything. I also eat vitamin and herbs to maintain my immune system. And go out when I need it not when I want it.

I also try to help by giving some discount on the pattern, since I cannot make it free. My husband is a freelancer working from home and I am a full-time knitter. I try to help contribute to my family's income by selling knitting patterns I created. I am always thankful for every pattern sales. It will give our family foods to eat and rents and bills being paid.

Thank God, for the knitter that wants free mask patterns, can visit this page made by that diligently compiling great mask patterns for us to knit!

Now, using a cloth mask became mandatory if we want to go outside our house (for example grocery shopping). Many people take this as an opportunity to make and sell their handmade masks. But half of them also just make the mask without deep though of the function and comfort and jumped in for the easy money.

After tried couple of homemade cloth masks I bought online, my husband declared that the most comfortable one is the knitting mask I made for him. So I now try to make more for us and using the cloth mask I bought before as lining.


For you all knitter and crafter out there. It's very lucky that we can make ourselves what we need. We can make what we want with the exact specification we wanted too.

So if you can and have the time, make and make more. For ourselves and for people around us.

Don't forget to always be kind in what we write to others (especially if we do not know them personally). Remember that we are facing a real person behind the screen, that absolutely also have feeling like you. So try to talk gently and politely.

Always be careful, keep your health, and always be happy.

May us all survive this time together!

Happy Knitting!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Knitting Pattern Sale: all patterns on discount.

Since I can't buy you any drinks for celebrate my birthday, so I will offer you discount for all sale of my knitting patterns on my Ravelry and Etsy.

Ravelry: 35% discount. -- August 7th - September 7th 2019
Etsy: 30% discount. -- August 7th - September 6th 2019 (they don't have option for 35% :( )

Just go visit to the link and I hope you find something that you like. :)

Happy Knitting!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Friday, November 10, 2017

Knitting with Ajeng: That Folded Bag - Free Pattern

I just getting a hold with the T-yarn (T-shirt yarn) that seem in trend now, even I really not interested in this yarn at first place. When I browsing free knitting pattern for another yarn project, I stumbled to this free bag pattern that so simple yet magical. And I thought that it will fit to try the T-yarn into its first action in my hand.

And it's true. I really love the result. It is so fast and fun to knit, and resulted in very cute bag. And this T-yarn starting grows on me. I want to try to knit it again for another project.

Free Knitting Pattern: Tolt Folded Bag by Veronika Jobe

This is a fast and fun project. Perfect for beginner knitter or if you looking for a last minute gift.

Happy Knitting!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ravelry Pattern Promo August: 50% off for a week

I felt so blessed.

Even as you got older, less people will join your special day (birthday), you will find that those people who still stick around are truly the ones that caring you the most. My childhood friend that now live not in same island miles away, send me a special cake! Love you sis.

Now is the second year I become a pattern designer and listing on ravelry. I want to share my happiness with offer you all knitter 50% off all my patterns for a week.

I plan to make this thing an annual habit. :)

Happy Knitting!! 

ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng


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