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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hi!! :)

Hi!! :D

My name is Ajeng Sitoresmi. I live in Indonesia. And i'm a full time knitter. This is my blog, non-profit blog, devoted to share with all the knitter about knitting. Especially, to share all the free knitting patterns that I've used to made my creations. (So you'll see that I use my own photos and not taking photo from the original source)
Internet had give the opportunity to access all those adorable knitting patterns free to me, so i'll re-share them back to all the other knitters. Just like the movie "Pay it Forward". Which is starred by Haley Joel Osment. (Good movie. I hope you've watch it) :)

I usually use local yarn that can easily find in my country, mostly made of cotton, rayon, and acrylic because we don't have autumn and winter here and it's difficult to get animal based knitting yarns here. I did not picky about needle, i use any brand knitting needle made with any material that i can grab at the time i want to knit :p. 

And for photographs, At first, I used my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus phone camera. But now I use Canon 650D or My Lumia 535 windows phone. With little help from Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (or photo editor application if i used phone camera) for resize and adding watermark.

Happy knitting with these all wonderful free knitting patterns..
Thanks for stopping by, and nice to meet you ^ ^

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