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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ravelry Pattern Promo August: 50% off for a week

I felt so blessed.

Even as you got older, less people will join your special day (birthday), you will find that those people who still stick around are truly the ones that caring you the most. My childhood friend that now live not in same island miles away, send me a special cake! Love you sis.

Now is the second year I become a pattern designer and listing on ravelry. I want to share my happiness with offer you all knitter 50% off all my patterns for a week.

I plan to make this thing an annual habit. :)

Happy Knitting!! 

ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July Ravelry upload: Baby Deer Hat & Earflap Hat with Cat Ears

Good day for every knitters! :-)

Annual migration in my country just finished, and everything start back to normal.

Every year, when Eid Mubarak come, there will be e very long holiday. Everything essensial will closed, including offices and post/shipping. And almost everyone will traveling back to where their parents live. Including me.

For almost 2 weeks I barely touch my laptop. The first week, I preparing for my yarn's store closing, looking for tickets to our parents home, and then actually went home. Then when I finally can open my yarn store again, my assistants still couldn't back for another week for family matters. So me and my husbands had to deals with every online orders for a week.

Then, I am feeling guilty for absently posting new pattern in last June. So this month I posted 2 patterns. And as an apology for last month's absent, I decided to make one of the pattern, free only for today (12 to 13 July 2017).

And as usual, I give the patterns I uploaded this July, big discount (flat price $1.5) until end of the month, before they come back to their original prices.

Baby Deer Hat
free for today (12-13 July 2017)
flat price $1.5 from original $4 until end of July 2017

This deer hat is one of my baby animal hats series. Normally made with solid color, but it turn out good with variegated color too. ;)

Earflap Hat with Cat Ears
Flat price $1.5 from original $5 until end of July 2017

few years ago I ever make a cat hat, but now, after some more experiences I through these last years, I feel more satisfied with this hat. I accidentally find again how to make an earflap that make me happy without have to make inner for it. And I love how the ears sturdier.

Please consider to try them if you feel interested. I will be nothing without your support. And your support will always be my fuel to continue writing knitting patterns.. faster than my original pace :p.

Thanks for your supports until today. :D

Happy Knitting!!

ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Knitting with Ajeng: I-Cord Triple Knot Necklace - Free Pattern

inspired by: DIY Rope Knot Necklace-Youtube Tutorial by Penelopel.

Yarn used     : any bulky yarn that suitable for 5.5 mm (US 9),
                       sample used Ice Yarns Akwool Bulky (100gr/140m)
Needle          : 2 DPN 5.5 mm (US 9)
other             : 1 small shank button, crochet hook number 4 (E)
gauge            : not important
abbreviations: CO= cast on; sts= stitches; DPN= double pointed needles; i-cord= without turning, knit all sts, then again without turning, move the sts into opposite side of the DPN


CO: 3 sts
make i-cord for 125 cm.
leave about 20 cm of yarn before cut it, pull the yarn into the sts, fasten off.

Make the necklace:

start to make loops like picture below, 3 times.
Make sure that the remaining i-cord divided evenly (about 25 cm each side)

In one of the end, make 5 chain using crochet hook number 4 (E). Tie the end of the chain into the beginning of the chain to make a loop.

In other end, use the loose yarn to sew the shank button.

Weave the end nicely (hide the loose yarn inside the i-cord).

Your necklace is done! ^ ^

Happy Knitting!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Knitting with Ajeng: Classic Jumbo Hat - Free Pattern

Are you ready to make a knitting hat in under 4 hours? Yes I do!!

What you need:

- Jumbo yarn that suitable for 15mm knitting needle. This sample using 1 ball of Red Heart Grande
- Needle: 15mm DPN set of four. I using 2 pairs of DPN Poyeng 16mm

Additional materials: 
- Big Faux Fur Pom-pom
- tapestry needle or crochet hook for finishing purpose.

- CO= cast on
- K= Knit
- P= Purl
- K2Tog= Knit 2 stitches together
- sts= stitches
- stockinette= K all from right side, P all from wrong side

Gauge : 5.5 sts/9 rows = 10 cm
yardage: 35 - 40 meters


CO = 28 sts, work in round.
[K1,P1] repeat this pattern until you got 9 rounds.

change into K all - repeat until you got 9 rounds stockinette.

Decrease =
Round 1: [K2, K2Tog] repeat - 21 sts
Round 2: K all
Round 3: [K1, K2Tog] repeat - 14 sts
Round 4: K all
Round 5: [K2Tog] repeat - 7 sts
cut yarn, pull through the remaining stitches, fasten off

Finishing = 
neat all lose strand into the inside of hat.
attach the faux fur pom-pom to the top of hat.

DONE!! ^ ^

Happy Knitting!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Knitting with Ajeng: My Pattern released in 2016

Hi happy knitters,

I never realized that I'm not posting in this blog too long to my liking. I even not updating every time I upload new pattern on my Ravelry! #shock

So, I think it's fair if I wrap all my pattern releases at 2016 here in this one post. I surprised that I quite productive in 2016. I hope I can be more productive in this year too. #aameen

I think I should regularly posting in the blog at least once a month. I already making plan (since last year actually) for sharing some of my patterns for free, making review of knitting books, beside posting about my pattern releases. I also planning for release at least one pattern every month. Wish me can fulfill these plan smoothly without slacking. #mybadhabit

In the end of 2016, I also gather my gut and open a pattern shop at etsy too and now waiting for the first sale #fingercrossing.

And now I getting interested in Patreon. This platform really new to me. Do you know how to use it (or already have experiences) as creator?

Happy new year everyone! Sending every good hope for you all. :D

~ click the image to visit the pattern page ~


Happy Knitting!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Knitting with Ajeng: Edge of the Woods Cowl

This pattern was born because I joined a 5 days knit design challenge held by ArohaKnits. Without any expectations I happily joined this online workshop just because I never join any online workshop or webinar before. 100% curiosity.

I never expected that short workshop will resulted in this beautiful cowl pattern.

So here you are, as my gratitude, I give special 40% discount until end of May 2016 with code= woods

I hope you enjoy the pattern :)

Edge of the Woods
40% discount until end of May 2016
code = woods

Happy Knitting!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Simple Tubular Scarf

This is one of few patterns I use to teach a beginner knitter.

This pattern only using a pair of single pointed needle. Yet the result is a tubular scarf.

You will result a warm scarf because it will have two layers.

And also will be a perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself) :D

Yarn = at least 2 ball yarns in DK/light worsted
(sample using 2 balls of SA Poyeng yarns -113m/50gr)
Finished size = adult scarf
Knitting Needle = 4 mm SPN (single pointed needle)
Gauge = 10 cm = 20 sts in stockinette (but it's not important since you can use any yarn weight you want, but don't forget to change the needle into the right one)
Abbreviation = 

  • CO= cast on
  • K= knit,
  • P= purl
  • BO= bind off
  • YO= yarn over
  • Sl= slip
  • K2tog= knit 2 stitches together
  • purlwise= as if to purl

Pattern   :

Do Cast On 2 times of what you intended.
(example if you want to make  20 sts, Do Cast on = 40 sts.)
- For scarf 13cm width, cast on = 44 sts –

Repeat pattern below until you got the length you want.

Pattern: [K1, bring yarn to front, slip purlwise, bring yarn to back] repeat until 1 row finished 

Closing the scarf =
-  k2tog every sts while you Bind off.

* * *

Happy knitting!!

This knitting pattern also can be downloaded free at this page.

Happy Knitting!!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rajut Knitting Pattern : Tiger Cub Baby Hat

I don't know, but recently I become a little addicted in publishing my patterns into my Ravelry account, after many years only dared to write free patterns into this blog (will still doing that though).

I love to knit hat, and even though I recently interested in apparel too, but still in the end, I resulting in knitting another hat. Haha.

So here my latest pattern for this month.

Tiger Cub Baby Hat
discount 25% until end of March by code : mytiger
Thanks for your support. You buying my patterns means so much to me. :)

Happy Knitting!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rajut Knitting Pattern : Careen's Stage Hat

Don’t ask what the pattern means, I just made it and then love it :p
I made this pattern years ago, but I already re-test it again before release.

Careen's Stage Hat
discount 20% until February 17th, 2016 on ravelry
code = stage#20

Happy Knitting!!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wrinkle Yoda Knitting Pattern

Just release another pattern into my ravelry.

May the Force be with you :)

Happy Knitting!! 


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Friday, December 13, 2013

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Stranded Christmas Stocking

I made this Christmas stocking knitting pattern, inspired from [this] beautiful free knitting pattern.
For the motives, i took from my library collections of stranded-knitting projects.

  • Skill needed : know basic knitting, work in round a small circular project, follow stranded knitting chart, pick up and knit
  • Abreviations : DPN = Double Pointed Needle, CO = cast on, sts = stitch, stst = stockinette = knit all round, SSK = slip, slip, knit, K2Tog = knit 2 stitch together, kitchener stitch = seaming 2 part of life stitch together. (you can see how to do it [here] or by browse at google and youtube)
  • Material : any yarn that suitable for 4 mm DPN (see your yarn label) - Tips : You can use left over of your last project. I only need about 50gr of Red and 50gr of Green also a tiny bit of White SP Poyeng to made 3 socks!
  • Needle : set of 5 DPN 4 mm or use 23 cm circular needle 4 mm (one of some brand that made this size of circular is Clover)
  • Gauge : not so important since this is a home decoration
  • Finished size : mine were about 20 cm height from top edge to heels.

Pattern :
  • with color A, CO = 40 sts
  • Stst (knit all) for 12 rounds 
  • Purl 1 round
  • Stst (knit all) for 12 rounds
  • Make brim = Fold the piece inside with the purl part as anchor, change to color B, Knit together with cast on edge for 1 round.
  • Knit 1 round
  • follow chart 1
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • follow chart 2
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • follow chart 3
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • Heel edge = with color A, knit 20 sts, cut yarn.
  • back to the beginning of round and resume knitting with color B for 1 round.
  • Knit 1 more round
  • follow chart 4
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • follow chart 5
  • Knit 2 rounds

    Toe part = change to color A,
    • knit 1 round.
    • [SSK, K16, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K14, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K12, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K10, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K8, K2Tog] 2x 
    • divide the remaining stitches into 2 DPN, do kitchener stitch.
    Heel part = remove color A yarn at the heel edge back to the needle - 40 sts
    • work with color A, [pick up and knit 1 sts, K20, pick up and knit 1 sts] 2x - 44 sts
    • [SSK, K18, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K16, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K14 K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K12, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K10, K2Tog] 2x 
    • divide the remaining stitches into 2 DPN, do kitchener stitch.
    Hanging part = make 3 stitch i-cord or thick crochet chain.

    For personal touch, you can add custom made name to the brim part of your finished socks.

    * feel free to comment, you may use this pattern for free, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)
    Happy Knitting!!


    Monday, August 5, 2013

    Rajut Free Knitting pattern : Baby Pom-pom Fisherman's Hat

    I only tested this pattern once - and it while i wrote it! So please inform me if you find any errata to add :)

    This pattern is so simple, even it made me feel guilty to write it, because i wrote the introduction longer than the pattern itself.

    Since the gauge measured in stst and we knit in fisherman's rib, i consider that the gauge i wrote not so important for the pattern. I think it will safer to adjust your gauge to the finished size.

    Needle             = 5.5 mm SPN
    Yarn sugested  = about 80 gr of any lightweight yarn that suitable for the needle. (chunky)
    - i used JPS yarn from Poyeng -
    Gauge              = 10 cm = 15 sts/22 rows (in stst)
    Finished size    = (before folding) 8 inches x 14 inches
     -baby up to 6 months old size after you fold it into a hat-

    Fisherman's rib pattern=
    Row 1 = [K1,P1] repeat
    Row 2 = [K1, YO, Sl1] repeat
    Row 3 = [(K2Tog on YO & slip st), YO, Sl1] repeat
    Row 4 = Row 3
    Repeat last row to end
    note = Before you BO, do [(K2Tog on YO & slip st), P1] for 1 row

    Picot edging =
    [CO 3 sts with any simplest method you know, BO 9 sts, move remain 1 sts from Right Needle to Left Needle] repeat

    Pattern =
    • CO = 26 sts (If you want to change the cast on, do it in multiple of two)
    • Do fisherman's rib pattern until 14 inches
    • BO
    • Fold the piece, seam both side.
    • Pick up all stitch along the new hat edge, do picot edging loosely.
    • Add big pom-pom at both top edging.
    * * *
    for the mitten, you can find the free knitting pattern at Spud&Chloe blog
    I pick the pattern for the socks from Kristin Spurkland's book

    * feel free to comment, you may use this pattern for free, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

    Happy Knitting!!


    Thursday, May 9, 2013

    Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Girly Hat

    I like this pattern. Born in coincidence, it turn be a lovely hat!
    (or maybe just because i always love my "babies"? XD .. hmm.. not so objective huh.. ;P)

    It inspired from the hat on My Blueberry Nights movie and No Reservations movie. And yes, I made my pattern a little bit looks like crochet.

    Try it! You can download this knitting pattern for free at my Raverly.

    My Patterns Store
    Knitting pattern : Girly Hat by Ajeng Sitoresmi
    Yarn at sample pattern : SCB at
    needle : 4.5mm (size 7)

    Happy Knitting!!


    Monday, April 1, 2013

    Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Fisherman Rib

    Fisherman's Rib aka Brioche.
    This is the most favorite knitting pattern, both for beginner knitter and to people who like to have a knitting scarf, fast!!

    This technique will give you ribbing illusion, but not make your knitting looks shrinking.

    example of 14 cast on - scarf

    Here the one pattern that i always use to knit fisherman's rib =
    Do cast on in multiple of 2 
    (i usually do 14 cast on in chunky yarn with needle size 10 mm to make a scarf)
    Row 1 = [K1,P1]
    Row 2 = [K1, YO, Sl]
    Row 3 = [(K2Tog in YO and Sl st from row before), YO, Sl]
    repeat last row until you got the length you want.
    before BO, do 1 row of [(K2Tog in YO and Sl st from row before), P1]

    scarf above use 28 cast on

    * * *
    And if you interested to know more about this kind of pattern, while ago i accidentally find this book, which is talking all about brioche. And it is a very thick book!! - I just amaze how just writing one particular thing can result this thick book! It can give you pictures how detail the content-. It's also provide some lovely knitting pattern too. :)
    by Nancy Marchant
    paperback 256 pages - North Lights Book

    * feel free to comment, you may use this pattern for free, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

    Happy Knitting!!



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