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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Knitting with Ajeng: I-Cord Triple Knot Necklace - Free Pattern

inspired by: DIY Rope Knot Necklace-Youtube Tutorial by Penelopel.

Yarn used     : any bulky yarn that suitable for 5.5 mm (US 9),
                       sample used Ice Yarns Akwool Bulky (100gr/140m)
Needle          : 2 DPN 5.5 mm (US 9)
other             : 1 small shank button, crochet hook number 4 (E)
gauge            : not important
abbreviations: CO= cast on; sts= stitches; DPN= double pointed needles; i-cord= without turning, knit all sts, then again without turning, move the sts into opposite side of the DPN


CO: 3 sts
make i-cord for 125 cm.
leave about 20 cm of yarn before cut it, pull the yarn into the sts, fasten off.

Make the necklace:

start to make loops like picture below, 3 times.
Make sure that the remaining i-cord divided evenly (about 25 cm each side)

In one of the end, make 5 chain using crochet hook number 4 (E). Tie the end of the chain into the beginning of the chain to make a loop.

In other end, use the loose yarn to sew the shank button.

Weave the end nicely (hide the loose yarn inside the i-cord).

Your necklace is done! ^ ^

Happy Knitting!!

 ig: @Ajeng_Poyeng

1 comment:

  1. cantik bangeet. dari dulu aku belajar rajut tapi ga pernah bisa. keren deh!



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