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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review : Knitted Dolls

I had this book for months. But never had opportunity to try it... until now.
(Yeah, without great willpower, this doll would never happen. :p)

And here it is, a doll I made for one who i consider as a close friend.

This doll made from SP Poyeng yarn in 4mm knitting needle. Has 53cm height.
The hat and hair made from SA Poyeng yarn, also in 4mm knitting needle.

Pattern all followed from this book.

published by Search Press, ltd
200 pages |650 gr

This book is good! It tells you how to knit a particular shape of a human doll, and give you many clothes design for the doll.

The explanations are clear and easy to follow.
The doll give to you all in written pattern. But the clothes pattern, provided with chart too.

You can choose the skin color, under clothes, eye color, hair color, and hair cut, by yourself. And doing that is very fun!!

So, for me, this book is recommended to be added to your bookshelf at home.

Happy Knitting!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review : Woodland Knits

author : Stephanie Dosen
Publisher : Quadrille Publishing 2013

I first interested in this book, because at that time I browsed at online book store, I want to make something unusual. And you can see, just from the cover, you will may make deer antlers and deer ears!
And (as always) after i peeking some of the inside pages by browsing at Google image, I decided to buy this book.

I quite happy with the book. It has nice layout design.. And the feeling i got was like peeking to somebody personal project diary. Someone who like something unique and like fairy tale and woods so much. And like earth color also so much. :D
see how beautiful the pages... like open your own diary!
Maybe I will not knit some of the designs in this book, since I live in tropical country (which make me do not need any thick and warm sweater), but I will like to try some of these unique designs. I found that her explanation very easy to follow and very clear. I already tried Mr. Fox Stole My Heart knitting pattern, and want to make again!

Happy Knitting! :D

my version of "Mr.Fox stole my heart"

*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Review : 30~Minute Knits

Recently i had to made a mini workshop for new knitter in several occasions.
Thinking to knitting something that can be finished in about 2 hour was very difficult. In fact, i'm still thinking about it until this moment.

book tittle - 30~minute knits - 60 quick and easy knitted projects
author - carol meldrum
published by - search press 2012

I accidentally own this book. But after i have it at my bookshelf, it turn out to be one book that i usually open for inspiration!

First, of course when i seeking something that can knit fast before i made mini workshop.. I usually end up make a slight change at every pattern that i choose to try. I don't know why, i just can't help it. :p

coin purse, i add one more eyelet
photo frame, inspired from this book.
i started to knit from outside edge

Second, when i (for myself) seeking something that i can knit fast for last-minute gift.

cute mini cushion, i knit as the pattern said

The projects are sweets and truly can be knitted in 30 minutes... for me of course, or if you already know about knitting basic before. But if you are a new knitter who never touch knitting before, you will not finish any of these patterns before 3 hour, even the simplest pattern. It simply because you had to taught them about basic knitting first and made them understand and memorize it before they can started knit from a knitting pattern. And of course, it can't be done in half of an hour.

But for me, this book really help to choose some little knitting inspirations. :)

pile of knitting bunting, basic pattern from this book too.

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

book review : Simple Hip Knit Scarves

Yes, now its the tea time to a small talk about one of my book collection! :P

book tittle = Simple Hip Knit Scarves - 14 Easy Everyday Knits
published by = House of White Birches

I already got interested in this book when i first saw the book cover.
Peeking the inside for know the projects, this book had nice scarf patterns and come in very affordable price. It's now become resident in my bookshelf :p

I already try three of the patterns, and happy with the result.. Plan to try some more!

I knit from pattern page 27. Ethereal Dream
I knit from pattern page 33. Meanderlust 
I knit from pattern page 19, Stormy Weather

Happy Knitting!!

*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review : Animal Hats

Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie.
This book had a cover book that will make you want it right away. A teenage girl wearing bunny hat.
And that was also the first pattern i choose to try when this book arrived at my hand.

This book use big size needle, that make you will extremely fast finished your knitting!
She too only used a little variation of decrease technique, and work the hat with Single Pointed Needle (and seam it later), so even a beginner's knitter can make these cute hats!

all the things i need to make the bunny hat

The things that will show the difference of your hat with others who try the same pattern with you is how neat you seam, and place all the small pieces (like checks, nose, ears, and eyes) to your hat.

all the parts before seamed together

I love had this book added to my bookshelf... I think i will reproduced the hats (maybe) a lot because i so like with the result. :D

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Review : Knitted Booties for Tiny Feet

I always had problem finding a knitting pattern for baby booties..
Never found a book that only talk about this which fit what i want.
until recently i saw this...

By = Catherine Bouquerel
Publisher = Sixth&Springbooks
ISBN = 1936096382
Paperback, 64 pages

Accidentally (like always) i found this book when i surfing at my favorite online bookstore.
And after (as usual) i googling to 'peek' the pages inside.. i then decided to add this book to my little bookshelf at home.

There are 20 knitted baby booties (and slipper) inside. With beautiful colored photographs which can give you some inspiration on color matching, even if you find no mood to actually knit one of the patterns at the moments.

I already try one of the pattern.. What do you think?

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Review : Knitting On The Edge

I do not have any knitting stitch patterns guide's book. I only have this book, Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein.

Author = Nicky Epstein
Page = 172
Language = english
Publisher = Sixth and Spring Books
Country = US
Knitting in written pattern.

It already help me many times!
I always open this whenever i need some inspiration about any knitting pattern when i want make something new without already existing pattern and want to challenge my imagination.

It's written pattern, with instruction to knit in back and forth. Every pattern tell you how many stitch you have to cast on to make one repetition of the pattern. The pictures of knitting pattern's finished sample so beautifully arranged.

Beside, for the book this thick, it come in very affordable price (especially the paperback issue)!
Love it!
Adding the opportunity to everyone can have one copy to their library.

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Knitting with Ajeng : Fisherman's Rib scarf Pattern

Fisherman's Rib aka Brioche.
This is the most favorite knitting pattern, both for beginner knitter and to people who like to have a knitting scarf, fast!!

This technique will give you ribbing illusion, but not make your knitting looks shrinking.

example of 14 cast on - scarf

Get the pattern here: [Poyeng Fisherman's Rib EN.pdf] and let's knit this addictive yet relaxing scarf with me :D

scarf above use 28 cast on

* * *
And if you interested to know more about this kind of pattern, while ago i accidentally find this book, which is talking all about brioche. And it is a very thick book!! - I just amaze how just writing one particular thing can result this thick book! It can give you pictures how detail the content-. It's also provide some lovely knitting pattern too. :)

by Nancy Marchant
paperback 256 pages - North Lights Book

* feel free to comment, you may download and knit this pattern, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review : Sweet Shawlettes

Back then, I never really think that I will buy a physical knitting book. On my head, there are so many knitting patterns that shared for free and can be treasured till you bored knitting (which I will never bored of course).

But it was until i found this book...

Author : Jean Moss
Pages : 144 - full colour
Publisher : Taunton Press Inc.

Without peek inside, I already fall in love with the book cover!! And suddenly wanted to find more about this book. Because of course, never judge something only by the cover.

So i search for some review about this book, peeking some of the inside pages, and satisfied enough for (at last) buy my first real physical knitting book : Sweet Shawlette by Jean Moss.

I bought the book from this online bookstore (because I always never had to worry about shipping when i buy book from this site). And after a while waiting, I at last really touch and open the book. And falling in love again... (*melt)

I'm not a kind of knitter who love knitting with tiny yarn and tiny needle. But of course like every knitter, I love and also want to knit some shawl too.

This book provide just perfect for knitter like me. No small lace. Very beautiful color play. Creative combination and placing of shape. Not always it had to be complicated, but also simple and yet still beautiful.
The book easy to understand, and I like how every pattern had a story behind it.

And what great is you will intrigued to try to knit every pattern of this book!
Like Gollum (one character at Lord of the Rings) says it's : Myyyy Precioussss.

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)


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