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Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review : Animal Hats

Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie.
This book had a cover book that will make you want it right away. A teenage girl wearing bunny hat.
And that was also the first pattern i choose to try when this book arrived at my hand.

This book use big size needle, that make you will extremely fast finished your knitting!
She too only used a little variation of decrease technique, and work the hat with Single Pointed Needle (and seam it later), so even a beginner's knitter can make these cute hats!

all the things i need to make the bunny hat

The things that will show the difference of your hat with others who try the same pattern with you is how neat you seam, and place all the small pieces (like checks, nose, ears, and eyes) to your hat.

all the parts before seamed together

I love had this book added to my bookshelf... I think i will reproduced the hats (maybe) a lot because i so like with the result. :D

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

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