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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern: Mini scarf for your fashion doll

Hi fellow knitters!

How was your 2020? I hope it was not too bad. And I even hope it somewhat better than the previous year.

Me here still surviving. In the home more than ever, made me even more productive on knitting and loving my husband and cats.

Here, I want to share with you a simple pattern for your fashion doll (or if you don't have one, you can make this for any small animal doll for the little ones)

+ + +

Mini Scarf

Yarn: leftover DK yarn.
Needle: 4 mm (US 6)
gauge: not important
CO = cast on
K = knit
P = purl
BO = bind off

CO: 5 sts
[K1, P1] 2x, K1 
repeat until the scarf measured 30 cm.

add small tassels at each end of the scarf.
(optional) run cat fur comb over the tassels to smooth them.

+ + +

Yup, there you go. 

I hope you always healthy and happy.

Happy Knitting!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Bramble Bunny

Recently, I got interested in knitting softies. And suddenly, I now have more dolls than when I was child. #guilty :p

But I knitted this doll not for myself. I knitted this for a charity event that held in my knitting group in Indonesia. The rule is it has to be small, around 15 cm (6 inches).

So, after looking for some inspirations, i decided to knitted this cute little doll, because it cute, small and complete with cute clothes too!

Free Knitting Pattern : Bramble bunny by Amanda Berry
yarn I used : SA Poyeng (code : PK8, G2, H7)
needle I used : 3.5 mm  DPNs

My friend, make a doll with this free knitting pattern too. But then she falling in love with her doll and decided to keep it for herself and looking for other pattern to knit for charity.

Yes, now you can imagine how cute the doll will be after you finished assembled all of the parts. :D

Happy Knitting!!



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Square Little Owl

I at last really found a pattern that can be knitted by a very beginner knitter!! A knitting pattern that result in something cute.. like owl. :D

Thanks for Georgie with her Hootie Hoo's free knitting pattern. She made cute owl from a simple square.
I resize her knitting pattern into half of her little owl's pattern so a very beginner knitter can finished it in 3-4 hours (it result into tiny owl with a quarter of the original Georgie's small owl finished size), and made it into cellphone charm!

*we today can made an owl!!

Happy Knitting!!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rajut Knitting Pattern : Little Doll

Just for fun.. :p

Pattern : Little Monster Bear from "101 designer -one skein wonders-" book, edited by Judith Durant
material : left over yarn + button for the eyes
difficulty : easy

Happy Knitting!!


Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Barbie mini Accessories

At first, i want to make this cute barbie gown.. but.. i don't have enough yarn..! huhu

so i made these accessories for instead..

pattern :
- Magic loop Minis (the hat) from "101 Designer -one skein wonders- " book.
- barbie's ragg hiking socks -ajjusted-
- Loop scarf (my own pattern)

material : left over sock-weight yarn
needle : 2.5mm
difficulty : semi intermediate

Happy Knitting!!



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