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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Review : 30~Minute Knits

Recently i had to made a mini workshop for new knitter in several occasions.
Thinking to knitting something that can be finished in about 2 hour was very difficult. In fact, i'm still thinking about it until this moment.

book tittle - 30~minute knits - 60 quick and easy knitted projects
author - carol meldrum
published by - search press 2012

I accidentally own this book. But after i have it at my bookshelf, it turn out to be one book that i usually open for inspiration!

First, of course when i seeking something that can knit fast before i made mini workshop.. I usually end up make a slight change at every pattern that i choose to try. I don't know why, i just can't help it. :p

coin purse, i add one more eyelet
photo frame, inspired from this book.
i started to knit from outside edge

Second, when i (for myself) seeking something that i can knit fast for last-minute gift.

cute mini cushion, i knit as the pattern said

The projects are sweets and truly can be knitted in 30 minutes... for me of course, or if you already know about knitting basic before. But if you are a new knitter who never touch knitting before, you will not finish any of these patterns before 3 hour, even the simplest pattern. It simply because you had to taught them about basic knitting first and made them understand and memorize it before they can started knit from a knitting pattern. And of course, it can't be done in half of an hour.

But for me, this book really help to choose some little knitting inspirations. :)

pile of knitting bunting, basic pattern from this book too.

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

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