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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review : Knitted Dolls

I had this book for months. But never had opportunity to try it... until now.
(Yeah, without great willpower, this doll would never happen. :p)

And here it is, a doll I made for one who i consider as a close friend.

This doll made from SP Poyeng yarn in 4mm knitting needle. Has 53cm height.
The hat and hair made from SA Poyeng yarn, also in 4mm knitting needle.

Pattern all followed from this book.

published by Search Press, ltd
200 pages |650 gr

This book is good! It tells you how to knit a particular shape of a human doll, and give you many clothes design for the doll.

The explanations are clear and easy to follow.
The doll give to you all in written pattern. But the clothes pattern, provided with chart too.

You can choose the skin color, under clothes, eye color, hair color, and hair cut, by yourself. And doing that is very fun!!

So, for me, this book is recommended to be added to your bookshelf at home.

Happy Knitting!!

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