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Saturday, January 3, 2015

me as a Pattern Tester (Ravelry) : December 2014

Hi there,

Long time not posting anything. Not because I didn't knit, but because I now seldom using free pattern again, and just knit without pattern instead.

If you joined Ravelry, you will know a group named FPT or Free Pattern Testers. I already joined this group since I first joined Ravelry, but only since last week I starting to try to be a pattern tester here. Mainly because I have some free time. And also I want to know the system of this group, because I want to use this group in designer side too sometime.

These are my knitting work for this group last December :
*see the project page [here]
*see the project page [here]
*see the project page [here]
I consider myself as a fast knitter and make quite decent photo.
Love to make small knitting (like hat, neck warmer, baby accessories, or fingerless), and prefer using 4mm needle. and regular (not fancy) yarn.

I will gladly testing yarns too, If any yarnie want to send me some sample.. :p

happy Knitting!!


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