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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My first cardigan.. for me

As you can see, i'am not a type who like knit a big thing.
But, it's looks like that knitting a sweater has become a latest trend at my knitting's group.
And after few months just watched someone else knitting sweater, i finally can't stand anymore : I had to knit one!

Still remember from Debbie Bliss's tips, I picked the colors, drawn some sketch, picked the motives i want, measure the size, and finally made some gauge swatch to determined how many stitch i had to knit, etc.

I knew i am a knitter that can knit quite fast.. But i never test it to make a big knitting until now. And i surprised when this 'thing' finished only in two weeks.

Not perfect in design, but i feel happy! ^ ^

Inspirations and/or books used =
- [this] pinterest's picture, for model inspiration
- Essentially Feminine Knits by Lene Samsoe, for size guide
- Cast On, Bind Off by Cap Sease, for invisible bind off at every ribbing edges
- Knitting On The edge by Nicky Epstein, for embellished at the sleeves
- ミセスの手あみ 16 (Let’s Knit series), for leaves lace pattern inspiration

After this "baby", i knit one more cardigan using stranded knitting technique. Simpler one than this, because for me lace pattern is more complicated than stranded knitting.

Happy Knitting!! :D




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