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Monday, April 1, 2013

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Fisherman Rib

Fisherman's Rib aka Brioche.
This is the most favorite knitting pattern, both for beginner knitter and to people who like to have a knitting scarf, fast!!

This technique will give you ribbing illusion, but not make your knitting looks shrinking.

example of 14 cast on - scarf

Here the one pattern that i always use to knit fisherman's rib =
Do cast on in multiple of 2 
(i usually do 14 cast on in chunky yarn with needle size 10 mm to make a scarf)
Row 1 = [K1,P1]
Row 2 = [K1, YO, Sl]
Row 3 = [(K2Tog in YO and Sl st from row before), YO, Sl]
repeat last row until you got the length you want.
before BO, do 1 row of [(K2Tog in YO and Sl st from row before), P1]

scarf above use 28 cast on

* * *
And if you interested to know more about this kind of pattern, while ago i accidentally find this book, which is talking all about brioche. And it is a very thick book!! - I just amaze how just writing one particular thing can result this thick book! It can give you pictures how detail the content-. It's also provide some lovely knitting pattern too. :)
by Nancy Marchant
paperback 256 pages - North Lights Book

* feel free to comment, you may use this pattern for free, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

Happy Knitting!!


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  1. Thank you very much for this pattern - it is just what I needed for some chunky yarn I have!



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