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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sponsored Video Lifebuoy Campaign : Help Child Reach 5

#This post unrelated with knitting at all. 

Few days ago, someone sent me a commercial video. Of course then I opened it, more because I am curious.

At the beginning of the video, we can see a man named Gondappa who doing upside down walk with his hands.

In the middle of the video, a girl (which is not live near there), get curious and asked the old man in that group, what’s going on?

Not being answered, the old man take her to join the little journey.

The journey ended up in a temple, when that man then pray to God for his thankful of his 5th birthday’s son.
The girl then being more curious, what’s up with age 5?

At last the old man answered her; it means so much because this is the first son of Gondappa who can reach age five. His children usually died before that age because of diarrhea.

The girl became speechless and felling the empathy with all the people there.


I love good advertising, and I love this video so much. You could got the message just right.

As an Indonesian, we here already knew Lifebuoy. Since 10 years back, Lifebuoy through their commercial video and campaign. Actively encouraged their viewer and users (especially children) to always washing hands.

This is one of their latest campaign video, where they encouraged people at Thesgona -one of the city in India which has the highest diarrhea rate- to more aware to their sanitary. Like wash their hands.

So, I’d likely, also encouraged to you all, to watch this video and relay the message to encouraged people around us being more aware with sanitary, like washing hands, especially at remote areas in the world.

Post sponsored by : Lifebuoy

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