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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review : Sweet Shawlettes

Back then, I never really think that I will buy a physical knitting book. On my head, there are so many knitting patterns that shared for free and can be treasured till you bored knitting (which I will never bored of course).

But it was until i found this book...

Author : Jean Moss
Pages : 144 - full colour
Publisher : Taunton Press Inc.

Without peek inside, I already fall in love with the book cover!! And suddenly wanted to find more about this book. Because of course, never judge something only by the cover.

So i search for some review about this book, peeking some of the inside pages, and satisfied enough for (at last) buy my first real physical knitting book : Sweet Shawlette by Jean Moss.

I bought the book from this online bookstore (because I always never had to worry about shipping when i buy book from this site). And after a while waiting, I at last really touch and open the book. And falling in love again... (*melt)

I'm not a kind of knitter who love knitting with tiny yarn and tiny needle. But of course like every knitter, I love and also want to knit some shawl too.

This book provide just perfect for knitter like me. No small lace. Very beautiful color play. Creative combination and placing of shape. Not always it had to be complicated, but also simple and yet still beautiful.
The book easy to understand, and I like how every pattern had a story behind it.

And what great is you will intrigued to try to knit every pattern of this book!
Like Gollum (one character at Lord of the Rings) says it's : Myyyy Precioussss.

Happy Knitting!!


*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

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