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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review : Woodland Knits

author : Stephanie Dosen
Publisher : Quadrille Publishing 2013

I first interested in this book, because at that time I browsed at online book store, I want to make something unusual. And you can see, just from the cover, you will may make deer antlers and deer ears!
And (as always) after i peeking some of the inside pages by browsing at Google image, I decided to buy this book.

I quite happy with the book. It has nice layout design.. And the feeling i got was like peeking to somebody personal project diary. Someone who like something unique and like fairy tale and woods so much. And like earth color also so much. :D
see how beautiful the pages... like open your own diary!
Maybe I will not knit some of the designs in this book, since I live in tropical country (which make me do not need any thick and warm sweater), but I will like to try some of these unique designs. I found that her explanation very easy to follow and very clear. I already tried Mr. Fox Stole My Heart knitting pattern, and want to make again!

Happy Knitting! :D

my version of "Mr.Fox stole my heart"

*book review i made at this blog are not for promoting the book. I made simply because i like it and i actually have a copy of it at my hand :)

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