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Friday, December 13, 2013

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Stranded Christmas Stocking

I made this Christmas stocking knitting pattern, inspired from [this] beautiful free knitting pattern.
For the motives, i took from my library collections of stranded-knitting projects.

  • Skill needed : know basic knitting, work in round a small circular project, follow stranded knitting chart, pick up and knit
  • Abreviations : DPN = Double Pointed Needle, CO = cast on, sts = stitch, stst = stockinette = knit all round, SSK = slip, slip, knit, K2Tog = knit 2 stitch together, kitchener stitch = seaming 2 part of life stitch together. (you can see how to do it [here] or by browse at google and youtube)
  • Material : any yarn that suitable for 4 mm DPN (see your yarn label) - Tips : You can use left over of your last project. I only need about 50gr of Red and 50gr of Green also a tiny bit of White SP Poyeng to made 3 socks!
  • Needle : set of 5 DPN 4 mm or use 23 cm circular needle 4 mm (one of some brand that made this size of circular is Clover)
  • Gauge : not so important since this is a home decoration
  • Finished size : mine were about 20 cm height from top edge to heels.

Pattern :
  • with color A, CO = 40 sts
  • Stst (knit all) for 12 rounds 
  • Purl 1 round
  • Stst (knit all) for 12 rounds
  • Make brim = Fold the piece inside with the purl part as anchor, change to color B, Knit together with cast on edge for 1 round.
  • Knit 1 round
  • follow chart 1
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • follow chart 2
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • follow chart 3
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • Heel edge = with color A, knit 20 sts, cut yarn.
  • back to the beginning of round and resume knitting with color B for 1 round.
  • Knit 1 more round
  • follow chart 4
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • follow chart 5
  • Knit 2 rounds

    Toe part = change to color A,
    • knit 1 round.
    • [SSK, K16, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K14, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K12, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K10, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K8, K2Tog] 2x 
    • divide the remaining stitches into 2 DPN, do kitchener stitch.
    Heel part = remove color A yarn at the heel edge back to the needle - 40 sts
    • work with color A, [pick up and knit 1 sts, K20, pick up and knit 1 sts] 2x - 44 sts
    • [SSK, K18, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K16, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K14 K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K12, K2Tog] 2x 
    • K 1 round
    • [SSK, K10, K2Tog] 2x 
    • divide the remaining stitches into 2 DPN, do kitchener stitch.
    Hanging part = make 3 stitch i-cord or thick crochet chain.

    For personal touch, you can add custom made name to the brim part of your finished socks.

    * feel free to comment, you may use this pattern for free, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)
    Happy Knitting!!



    1. Great pattern but I find the heel instructions very confusing. This is my second time knitting socks.

      When I reach the part where I knit 20 sts of the heel, do I continue with the heel instructions at the bottom of the pattern and go back to the main part afterwards?


      1. when you try the pattern, you will find that the heel instruction i wrote at the bottom is being work after other part is done (the socks is finished except for the heel-part only) ^ ^



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