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Monday, September 21, 2009

Tribute to a Friend : old pics from knitting at FKY

*man's knitting

*her first knitting

Last July, i was at Yogyakarta Art Festival (FKY) helped my friend in her business stand. And again, i brought my hobby everywhere, and made some peoples do it too. It was such a fun moment. Knowing many new peoples and made new friends. and got new experiences and knowledge. I hope we will meet again next year friends. Take care!!

Tribute to a Friend : Nana's first scarf

It's Nana's first scarf! Looks so warm and comfort.. using 2 roll of soft cotton knitting yarns and two Double pointed needles. Without pattern, it's only replay knit stitch to the end then bind it off... Fast and easy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : another Saartje's and Baby Mocs

Good day!!

For couple days, i knit and knit and knit baby booties.
Many Saartje's booties and PurlBe Baby Mocs's.

And here i just want to share some pics of those.

Click here and here for info of the patterns.

Happy Knitting!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Giacomo's Baby Hat

At last.... have some time to post a creation.
Busy busy! Xp

I always wanted to make this hat since i know how to made it view months ago.
And the time had come finally. XD

*but maybe the colors not so matched. Heuheu.

--click here to go to the pattern--

Happy Knitting!
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