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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Kitty Baby Cap

This is an unique pattern, and i'm so glad, that is someone who so kind share it for free to all of us the knit...! :D

pattern : Cap with kitty ears
material i used : soft cotton

feel free to use your imagination if you want add some motive and color like i did. :)

happy knitting!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Pretty Shrug

simple,and easy to knit :)

Pattern : Lace Rib Knit Shrug
Materials : 3 rolls Local cotton

The original pattern has long sleeves..

Just click the link and join the fun.. :)

Happy Knitting!!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rajut Knitting Pattern : Little Doll

Just for fun.. :p

Pattern : Little Monster Bear from "101 designer -one skein wonders-" book, edited by Judith Durant
material : left over yarn + button for the eyes
difficulty : easy

Happy Knitting!!


Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Barbie mini Accessories

At first, i want to make this cute barbie gown.. but.. i don't have enough yarn..! huhu

so i made these accessories for instead..

pattern :
- Magic loop Minis (the hat) from "101 Designer -one skein wonders- " book.
- barbie's ragg hiking socks -ajjusted-
- Loop scarf (my own pattern)

material : left over sock-weight yarn
needle : 2.5mm
difficulty : semi intermediate

Happy Knitting!!


Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Heart Bookmark

Cute bookmark.. easy to make..

Pattern : String of Heart by judy Gibson
material : left over SC Thata + ribbon
needle : 2.5mm
difficulty : semi intermediate

Happy Knitting!!


Knitting with Ajeng : Simple Ribbing Scarf Pattern

here's another scarf pattern for beginner knitter..

material in use :  any yarn that suitable for 4.5mm knitting needle
needle in use : SPN 4.5mm
gauge : not important

abreviation : CO = cast on; K = knit; P = purl; BO = bind off

~ Download the pattern here: [Poyeng Rib Scarf EN.pdf] and let's knit this fun scarf with me :D

* feel free to comment, you may download and knit this pattern, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

Happy Knitting!!


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