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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Knitting with Ajeng: Ear Flap Hat with motive - Free Pattern

*this is written pattern, no gauge, no exact number of stitches. enjoy! :)

This time is a cute earflap hat with motive..
it's only a simple hat.

material in use :  any yarn that suitable for 4mm (US 6) knitting needle.
needle : 4mm (US 6) DPN or 16" circular
gauge : 20 sts = 4 inches/10 cm
abreviation : DPN = double pointed needle; ribbing of 2/2 = [K2,P2] replay; stockinette = knit all stitch; K2tog = Knit 2 stitch together; PU = pick up and knit; moss/seed stitch = [K1,P1] at 1st row, change to [P1,K1] at 2nd row.
note : you can find the meanings (and how to do it) of the terms that typed in italic just by searching them in google. :)

Pattern :
  • using a 4mm circular needle or set of five DPN, make cast on about to fit the head... try to make the cast on multiply of six, or at least in even number. (personal note : I usually cast on 70-75 for newborn to 6 months, 80-90 for 1 years old to toddler, 92-96 for woman adult, and above 100 for man adult)
  • do ribbing of 2/2 about 1 inch. (or 1,5 - 2 inches if its for toddler to adult)
  • and then continue in stockinette (knit all stitch) for about 1/2 inch.
  • and then do this motive (still with stockinette) with a little ball of different color yarn :
    • after do this motive, continue in stockinette until piece got measure about 4 - 4,5 inch for baby (or 5 - 6 inches if its for toddler to adult)
    Decrease :
    • using K2tog, decrease 9 stitches every 2 rounds
    • after the stitches left less than 10 stitches, pull the remaining yarn through the stitches and fasten it off.
    Earflap : (make two)
    • right side toward you, PU 16-20 stitches in the cast on edge. (you may add the stitches you want to pick up if 20 sts seems too small)
    • do moss/seed stitch in every 2 stitches of beginning and end of row, and stockinette in between them.
    • after about 6-8 rows, begin to decrease in every 2 stitches of beginning and end of row - at right side (2 dec every dec-row), until you got 3 stitches left, 
    • do 3 stitches i-cord.
    • make 2 earflap in each ear/opposite side of hat with same method as above. (please see the photo to estimate the right position for second earflap)
    • And then add a pom-pom in every end of i-cord.
    • Note = if you want a thicker and more sturdier earflap, you can make two more flaps separated from hat (cast on instead of pick up), then sew them in the inside part of earflap.

      * feel free to comment, you may use this pattern for free, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

      Happy Knitting!!



      1. Cute! Ajarin Fair Isle knitting dong mba, aku bingung mulainya gimana D: Eh aku minggu lalu baru beli benang di Poyeng lo mbak, hehe.

      2. A friend asked me to knit her an earflap cap for her sister in Finnish colors (blue & white) with braids. I needed a pattern that would look good in the hat and stumbled on your pattern & chart. While I used another hat pattern, I used your chart and was pleased with the result. Thanks for much for sharing it. If you'd like to see the hat I posted it on Ravelry giving you credit for the chart:

      3. This is a gorgeous hat. Thank you for the free pattern ♥♥♥



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