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Monday, September 20, 2010

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Basic Earflap Hat

These three hat basically made from same base pattern (the 4th picture was only the same base hat but without earflap)
Like when we drawing a hat, we draw 3 identically same hat, and then we filled them with different colour. Just like that! And, what we've got?. . Three different adorable earflap hat! Yay!! So... light up your imagination!! ;)

The Base Pattern : (if knit only in one color)

material in use :  any yarn that suitable for 4 mm knitting needle
needle in use : set of 4/circular 4 mm
gauge : 20 sts = 4 inches
abreviation : CO = cast on; 2/2 ribbing = [K2,P2] replay to end; stockinette = knit all stitch; sts = stitch; PU = pick up and knit; moss/seed stitch = [K1,P1] at 1st row, change to [P1,K1] at 2nd row

Pattern :
  • CO = 84 sts/96 sts (children/women adult) - do cast on in multiply of four
  • do 2/2 ribbing for about 1-2 inch
  • continue with stockinette until 4.5(5.5) inches from beginning.
  • then start to make crown by decrease 9 sts every 2 rounds, until less than 10 sts left. 
  • fasten off.
Earflap :
  • Pick up and knit about 16-20 stitches in the cast on edge. Right side toward you.
  • do moss/seed stitch in every 2 sts of beginning and end of row, and stockinette in between them.
  • after about 6-8 rows, begin to decrease in every 2 sts of beginning and end of row, until you got 3 stitches left
  • do 3 stitches i-cord
  • add a pom-pom in every end of i-cord.

* feel free to comment, you may use this pattern for free, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

Happy Knitting!!


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