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Monday, September 20, 2010

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Interlude Lace Wrap

For the first time i made a shawl...
needs two weeks to finish.. Yes, it's only because i only work about 3 to 4 inch a day...
Knitting must be fun, right?
And thats why the result always be so adorable... at least to ourselves... :D
material in this picture : local cotton (3 roll, 100gr each)
happy knitting!!


  1. Wooww that is so cool y' know?! i am only good in crocheting, but it easy anyway i suppose anyone can do it. Could u give me an advise, from where can i learn knitting? i can do really basic one only till now.

  2. when i still very beginner, i learn knitting almost from free sources on internet only. Many free resources provided free and can be found by google search.

    the best way for me is choosing a knitting pattern that contain one (or two) new technique that i never learn before. I search the meaning/tutorial of that new technique by google (or youtube if you prefer video).Finish that project, and choosing another pattern again..
    by doing that, you will learn and always improve your knitting and see what have you done too :)

    But i think, buying a knitting book that teach about knitting technique is quite necessary too. can help us when we away from computer.



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