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Friday, February 18, 2011

How To : Make your own yarn pot

- This is a recycling project – 

        Just having a portable yarn bag was not enough to me to get a comfort knit on the go. This made me decide to make for myself a yarn pot when I finally found a container that seems have a suitable size.

       And this is a simple way to make my own yarn pot : . . .
1. Find a plastic jars with perfect diameter according to what you want. (I use SoNice Sausage old plastic jar container)

2. Prepare pliers, nails, candles lit, and the cutter.

3. Hold the nail with pliers, then heat the tip over a candle lit until hot.

4. Stick hot pins into the middle of the jar lid (because of the heat, the nails will go smoothly only with a little effort)

5. Repeat step 4 until you get diameter of the hole that you want.

6. Use cutter to trim and (whenever possible) smoothing the hole edge.

7. Taraa! Now you can get more comfortable knitting activities: D

Do not forget to put the knitting yarn into the jar first and pass the tip into the hole before knitting with the yarn.

Happy Knitting!


*thanks for the help of google translate


  1. mba ajeng... blog nya bagus deh.. byk infonya.. secara aku lg ketagihan knitting neh.. thx to ur book too... it's really a big help for me..
    anyway ide yarn pot..jempol dah...
    thanks for sharing ya...oya mampir ke blog ku ya :)

  2. sama-sama mbak Ike.. XD

    menuju tkp :)



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