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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knitting with Ajeng: 10 inch Notebook Cozy Pattern

This is last minute gift that i finished within two days...

material : Double Knitting/Worsted weight knitting yarn (at this project i use Sweet Cotton from Poyeng color black and grey)
needle : 4mm SPN
additional : tapestry needle
gauge : 20 sts = 4 inches
finished size : fit for 10 inch notebook.
abreviations : sts = stitch; CO = cast on; K = knit; P = purl; 3/3 LC = 6 sts left cable = yarn backward, slip 3 sts to cable needle and put in front of knitting, knit 3 sts normally, then knit 3 sts from cable needle.; BO = bind off; rib = ribbing

Pattern :

Download the pattern here: [ 10 inches Notebook Cozy EN ] and let's knit this fun pattern with me :D

* I add personal name on the finished knitting.

* feel free to comment, you may download and knit this pattern, but please read the intellectual property at this blog. thank you :)

Happy Knitting!!


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