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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Tubular scarf in 2 needles

Lately i'm being busy doing my second book (a knitting patterns book that of course made in Indonesian language), and still in deadline now.

But, it's clear that i can't live without knitting something!

And looks like it's a trend lately, to give a boy friend some warm scarf.
And this simple tube scarf's knitting pattern from karensvariety can be still so nice and fit for man, although i use a yarns that the motive usually used for children or girls.
And the best thing from this pattern is it only need 2 SPN!

Happy Knitting!!



  1. Can you write those steps just in Indonesian language and no code pls? I wanna try but i absolutely not understand.

  2. after you open the link, you just have to translate paragraph begin with word "1st" to Indonesian language, dear :)
    and ignore the other.
    btw, even = genap.



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