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Monday, September 9, 2013

Rajut Free Knitting Pattern : Bunny Hat

This time, we have a lovely girl who so kindly will share a free knitting pattern to all other knitters!
her name is Wina.
The Indonesian-language's version of this free knitting pattern already shared on Poyeng blog, and here she kindly shared the English-language's version.

Material :
- 2 skeins bulky bandung yarn (Or another super bulky yarns).

- 1 circular needle 40 cm size 6mm
- 1 set double pointed needles size 6 mm.
- 1 stitch holder
- 1 stitch marker
- 1 tapestry needle

Size :
Adult (Approximately 20 inch in circumference)

Abbreviation :
K : Knit
P : Purl
SSK : Slip 1 stitch, knit the next stitch, pass the slip stitch over the
  knitted stitch.
K2TOG : Knit 2 stitches together

Body :
- Cast on : 74 (Work in round)
- K1 P1 (Ribbing) till end of row. Repeat this row untill the ribs measures 3 inches.
- Knit untill end. Repeat this row till the body meassures 8.5 inchi from the top of the ribs. (11.5 inchi from bottom.)

Bunny Ear 1 :
- Slip 1st-16th and 59th-74th stitch into DPN set (32 stitches). Leave 42 other stitches in circular needle or put into the holder.
- Work this 32 stitches in round. Knit 23 rounds or untill the ear measures 5 inchi.
- K1 ssk K10 K2tog K2 ssk K10 K2tog K1 (Remaining : 28 stitches)
- Knit.
- K1 ssk K8 K2tog K2 ssk K8 K2tog K1 (Rem : 24 stitches)
- Knit.
- K1 ssk K6 K2tog K2 ssk K6 K2tog K1 (Rem: 20 stitches)
- Knit.
- K1 ssk K4 K2tog K2 ssk K4 K2tog K1 (Rem : 16 stitches)
- K1 ssk K2 K2tog K2 ssk K2 K2tog K1 (Rem : 12 stitches)
- K1 ssk K2tog K2 ssk K2tog K1 (Rem : 8 stitches)
- ssk K2tog ssk K2tog (Rem : 4 stitches)
- fasten off.

Bunny Ear 2 :
Slip 22th-53th stitch into DPN set. Work as the Bunny Ear 1.

There will be a gap in the top of the hat between the ears. With the wrong side facing you, sew the remaining 10 stitches with Three Needles Bind Off technique.

One of our knitter friend already try this pattern and change the size into baby size, by change the needle into 4 mm (US 6) and use light worsted weight yarn.

If you want to ask or anything about this pattern, you can comment here and i will pass it to Wina.

Happy Knitting!!


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