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Saturday, March 28, 2015

GRAB IT!! Limited Time Free Patterns from Ravelry Designers

I recently love hunting Paid knitting or crochet Patterns that being generously offered as free by their designers for limited time, usually because they just being released.

So here is the post that I dedicated to re-share the news to all other knitters/crocheters.
The content will always be renew (as long I didn't forget or too busy ;p ). enjoy!!

*Please don't re-share the knitting pattern you got here to other people. Refer them to the link instead, so they can download it by themselves (or buy it if the promotion time already over). Let's support each other :D 

international Elann Free Pattern
free for the month, check the site monthly
login required
Pyros by Letipanda
free until August 14th, 2016
Stripezoid by Vincent Villapando
free until mid-august
Dolphin by Rachel Borello Carroll
free until July 18th, 2016

Happy Knitting!! 



  1. Great!! Thank you for sharing this .. <3

  2. Caranya nge download gimana mba? Kalo klik buy di mintain ngisi macem"

    1. untuk yang harus klik "buy now" memang harus sudah punya paypal aktif.. ya sudah, ambil yang bisa diambil saja ^ ^



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