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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning Knitting : Knit Stitch

# this is a part of tutorial for learning knitting, trough pictures series.
 Just grab any yarn and knitting needle around you and follow the pictures.

After finishing slipknot and do long tail cast on, start a new row..

With working yarn in the back, slip the right needle to the first stitch from left front (see pic.1)
Dengan posisi benang panjang berada di belakang, selipkan jarum kanan ke tusuk pertama di jarum kiri dari arah kiri depan ke arah belakang. (lihat gambar 1)



wrap the working yarn around right needle clockwise, and pull it out. (see pic.3 and 4)
Ayun benang di seputar jarum kanan, lalu kait keluar. (lihat gambar 3 dan 4)



slip one stitch out from left needle - the one you used (see pic.5)
Lepaskan satu tusuk yang dipakai tadi dari jarum kiri. (lihat gambar 5)



** feel free to comment, since maybe i used wrong word to explain, because i'm not so good in english. :)

Happy knitting!



  1. Mbak itu benang yang diayun diseputar jarum kanan, benang panjang ato pendek?
    Makasii ^^



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