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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning Knitting : Long tail cast on

# this is a part of tutorial for learning knitting, trough pictures series.
 Just grab any yarn and knitting needle around you and follow the pictures.

after finishing slipknot, continue with this step..
(useful tips : when you read CO = 8.. means slipknot is already count as 1, and you only need to make 7 cast on.)

hold both yarn (left over and working yarn) with left hand. still in holding position, open between yarn, with working yarn on pointed finger and left over yarn on thumb.
lower the needle in the right yarn a bit. (result pic.1)
Genggam kedua benang (panjang dan pendek) dengan tangan kiri. Masih dalam posisi menahan, buka benang dari tengah, telunjuk menahan benang panjang dan jempol menahan benang pendek.
Turunkan jarum sedikit. (hasil ada di gambar 1)


pass the needle point to yarn wrap at the thumb from below (see pic.2)
Masukkan jarum ke antara jempol dari arah bawah (gambar 2)

pass the needle point to yarn wrap at the pointed finger from above (see pic.3)
Masukkan jarum di antara telunjuk dari arah atas (gambar 3)


and pass the needle point again to yarn wrap at the thumb but from above (see pic.4 and 5)
Masukkan lagi jarum ke antara jempol tapi dari arah atas (lgambar 4 dan 5)


let go the yarn wrap at the thumb, and pull both yarn to opposite direction (pic.6)
Lepaskan pegangan pada jempol dan tarik benang untuk mengencangkan. (gambar 6)


** Feel free to comment, since maybe i used wrong word to explain, because i'm not so good in english :)

Happy Knitting!!



  1. Mbak, aku udah lama bljr knitting nih. Tp kalo aku buat scarf pake stockinette stitch kok sering bergulung2 gt ya mbak bagian atasnya? Kayak nggak bisa lurus. Ada solusi? Trus bordernya juga nggak rapi, bergulung2 juga. Makasih :D

    1. stockinette always rolled on the edge, that's why knitter usually add border (like garter, ribbing or crochet edge) at their stockinette project to minimize that.
      talking about neat.. no need to worry about that, it will come to you eventually. If you didn't like what you see now, just start over your knitting from the beginning. More practice make better. :)



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