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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rajut Free Knitting pattern : Boy Baby Booties

Another free knitting pattern to share!!

It was been a while since i knit a baby booties from new free pattern.
With a little browse at (as usual) ravelry, i decided to try this pattern, because i like the result.

free knitting pattern = Simple Baby Booties by Hilde V
material = SP Poyeng by (SP 05 and SP 21)
needle = 3.5 mm SPN

In the end, i resized the pattern because i found the result was too big for the size i want. 
Change i made from the pattern =
  • CO = 30 sts (reduce 10 sts) 
  • start the front part after 11 garter ridges 
  • 8 sts on front part (reduce 2 sts) 
  • end the front part after 8 garter ridges 
  • end the alternate color after 7 garter ridges 
  • delete the eyelet hole part 

 Happy Knitting!!


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